Goat & Beef

Goat & Beef

Fully Renovated, with New Seating. Arrangement & New Menu Items

Goat Paya $10.99

Goat paya cooked in our special exotic spice in low heat. A special addition to our menu.

Daal Gosht$12.99

Goat meat cooked with chana daal in our special sauce and spices. It will remind you
of back home. On customer’s demand we have added it to our menu.

Lamb Korma$13.99

The king of curries, made with succulent goat, delicately flavored with saffron and
gently simmered in a blend of yogurt, onion and selected spices.

Lamb Bhuna Gosht Special $13.99

Fresh lamb meat cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes and selected spices.

Goat Karahi $15.99

Fresh Goat meat using a lot of spices, herbs and yogurt.

Beef Special


North Indian delicacy, boneless beef shank cooked slowly in mixed spices. Garnished with ginger, pepper, lemon, and cilantro.

Beef Paya $9.49

Taste from Lahore, beef paya slow cooked in authentic spices.

Haleem $9.49

A stew composed of meat, lentils and pounded wheat made into a thick paste.

Tawa Qeema (Special) $12.49

Popular home dish a ground beef cubes cooked in garlic, onion, tomatoes with Pakwan’s spices (on special days)

Bhuna Beef (Special)$12.99

Beef cooked with onion, tomatoes, yogurt and a selection of delicious spices with
Pakistani touch.

Beef Kabab Masala$12.99

Grilled beef kabab mixed with curry, yogurt, herbs & spices to produce an interesting flavor.